What the Heck is “Grandmillennial Style”?

July 11, 2022


In our ongoing quest for interior design and home décor inspiration, we continue to be excited to participate in the conversation. Enter: The return of another “old is the new new” trend.  Witfully dubbed “Grandmillennial” by House Beautiful editor, Emma Bazilian, this style brings back mixed textures, exaggerated embellishments like tassels, upholstery, frill and oversized florals, and heirloom furniture and it has (re)entered the design space in a major way. The trick to keeping “millennial” in the trend title is to marry the “grand” to your personal preferences.

Ready to go “granny-chic” in your own space? Here are eight looks that are leading the category.

1. Accent Lighting


grandmillennial accent lighting


Did our grandparents have crystal chandeliers in their houses? It was more popular than you may think and as such, is coming back in a big way (pun intended). Mimic their style with this ultra-elegant version that will look gorgeous in a sitting room and entryway alike. Not into the chandelier look? Accent lighting can be used in other places around the home – to brighten a painting, to use as a reading lamp in the guest room, or as an over-the-mirror option in any bathroom.

2. Accessories


grandmillennial accessories


Like a great outfit, no room is truly complete without its jewelry and other accessories. Embellishments like fringe, pleats and ruffles married with traditional elements such as tassels, trim and tapes will always bring liveliness to a room. Accessories take a space directly into to the next level, and special touches offer a glimpse into your unique style, with a twist of your family memories to top it off.

3. Crystal Glassware


grandmillennial crystal glassware


Displaying crystal glassware elevates your space with its intricate details and inspiration to spark conversation allowing memories to be shared. As a decor piece, crystal glassware is reminiscent of Grandma’s curio cabinet that always displayed her most precious dining wares. When using them for drinks, they make any beverage feel like an experience.

Pro Tip: If you don’t own crystal glassware, check out your local thrift stores or antique shops. You can typically find small sets of matching glassware, but it’s also cool to create a mismatched collection.

4. Dishware Displays


grandmillennial dishware displays


Continuing in the table ware conversation, if you got it, flaunt it (as the kids say). Whether you use them or not, investing in a set of colorful dishes, glassware, fancy glassware and vases to show off by themselves are not only a simple décor addition, but can also serve as the perfect settings for storing floral arrangements, small trinkets or your latest weekend baking creation – from grandma’s recipe book of course.

5. Gallery Walls


grandmillennial gallery walls


Grandmillennial’s certainly don’t shy away from sharing photos and artwork, making gallery walls the perfect opportunity to show off personality through an art collection. Family photos, original artwork, even printed pieces with a funky frame work. Key word, frame — The most important features here are the frames — since this style thrives on details, you’ll want to use frames with embellishments, metallic paint, and intricate designs to convey that straight-from-the-antique-shop feeling.

6. Headboards


grandmillennial headboards


Honestly, after college no one should own a bed without a headboard, but post-college, get it together. Fortunately for those who may still need the extra push, every Grandmillennial home needs a soft, elegant yet understated headboard. While upholstered and tufted designs are popular, you can also use a basic or patterned print to add a touch of personal style.

7. Heirloom Statement Pieces


grandmillennial heirloom pieces


Embrace what you loved about visiting your grandparents’ home, whatever that may be, and incorporate that into your space to recreate a vibe that you’ve made your own. Mix inherited heirloom statement pieces, historical items and fun funds – even souvenirs – to give your home a curated but intentional feel. Think: Staples of ‘’grandma’s house’’ – that have instant warmth, nostalgia and comfort.

8. Wallpaper


grandmillennial wallpaper


It is no secret how we feel about the wallpaper trend, so to catch it again in tandem with the Grandmillennial looks, we think it goes without saying that we are on board. While we would likely opt for a more updated and funky iteration we absolutely appreciate reminiscing over the official palette of ‘granny-chic’ – blue and white. You go, grandma.

We would love to hear your thoughts. What is your favorite memory of visiting your older family members in their homes? Have you brought their style into your own space? Want to hear a story about red velvet wallpaper? Seriously… we have one or two.

Let us know! Have your mind set on any ideas for current or potential upcoming trends? Send an email to shawn@draperdna.com to share.


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