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Chief AI Officer? 😲 At first, this role may seem a bit far-fetched. But think about it. It's a present or soon-to-be need in many businesses, a role that's a liaison between departments and requires skills in QA, Comms/Marketing, CX/service, and tech. #forwardthinking
Those of us in the building product space know the annual tradition from Pantone and paint brands to announce their "Color of the Year". 

But this year Sherwin-Williams' is shaking it up, running another campaign for "The Loneliest Color" that takes a "more subversive approach" in 2024, eschewing what’s on the rise for an underappreciated hue.

Source: Article from MarketingDive.com
The next your mind draws a blank. Or when you feel stuck. Or when you just need inspiration... try using one of these prompts in ChatGPT. 
(Swipe ⏪ )

Last year we began to explore and use AI. Today, it's involved in our daily work in some fashion. ChatGPT has been one of the most useful tools when the mind needs a little bit of fuel to get going. 

#AI #marketingAI
I like to tell people construction is a big, small industry where experience is a superpower. Let me show you what I mean. 

#buildingproductsmarketing #experienceapplied
All lines of business, any interaction, and every transaction. It's not B2B or B2C. It's Human-to-Human. This line of thinking has always been ingrained in us, but this phrase? Adding to our repertoire immediately.

When a company believes in this, from the top down, you've got yourself a company that people love. 

Source: 2/27/24 Article from Rotem Eylor, member of 
Forbes Business Council
We all know that actions speak louder than words, especially when it comes to choosing the right agency business partner. Sure, some agencies might make incredible claims and grab attention, but without experience applied, they're just straw dogs. Remember, executing on your marketing plan requires a critical differentiator - finding an agency that actually does the work. Don't be fooled by the hype, go for substance instead. #ExperienceApplied
We love what we do, helping building product companies get better at social media. It keeps us on our toes; social media is always changing and usually for the better, in terms of "the people". This list proves it.

So, we couldn't agree more with these predictions (already well underway).

See the HubSpot list at the link in our bio. https://bit.ly/4anE1eg
Are you on TikTok? If so, then you've GOT to see the brilliant campaign from @BehrPaint—an A+ platform-specific campaign that creates measurable and impactful engagement. This kind of brilliance comes when the "powers that be" trust their marketing team (internal or external) to truly take the reigns.

This synopsis from Marketing with Sam nails it. Click the link in our bio to watch her summary.
Two avenues of thought on AI to share with you today. 

Gartner says that in just 2 to 4 years, marketing is going to undergo some major evolution, thanks to AI: https://gtnr.it/3SZsFG1 

And here's how to start embracing it now as a creative ally: https://bit.ly/3uMN3SR
What is in a name? Most people are writing about the products at IBS/KBIS. We are writing about the confusion builders are experiencing as a result of consolidation and a short attention span. Brand naming is increasingly important to overcome these latest challenges. We are sharing the four most common types of naming strategies for your business.

SURPRISE! Link in the bio 😉 

#buildingproductsmarketing #experienceapplied
“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”

Chad Seay is our website producer and the new Draper DNA is his work. Please take a look - https://draperdna.com/ 

We like to say Chad is the optimal in WordPress optimization. 

Let's breathe new life into your marketing. #experienceapplied

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