Wallpaper is Making an Updated Comeback

July 5, 2022


There was, without a doubt, a time – not so long ago in fact – that the first thing to go in a home renovation was the wallpaper. It was often considered “tacky” or “outdated” and “displeasing”. In tandem with the ongoing trends in nostalgia, “old” being “new again” and bringing bright colors, flair and quirky décor into the home, wallpaper is making a comeback.

And we are here for it.


Personalizing your place is just that – personal. It is the “new normal” to opt for chic, chill, beige, bold, patterned, printed or all of the above in one home. You can add your own flair, everywhere, starting with the walls and, if you so desire, swapping “wall” paper for a typical ceiling or floor. Whether you want a traditional design or a posh statement paper, a standard roll or a peel-and-stick option, you have a blank canvas at your fingertips. Literally.

Adding a checkered composition to a central room, a funky flamingo moment to an accent wall, or a printed tile tapestry to a tiny powder room is a stylish and fun way to refresh a space. We rounded up five of our favorite papered looks from all over the world. Looks like this trend is taking off and, hopefully, around to stay.

#1 – Hide and Seek



A UK store, aptly named “lust home” offers this bold, eye-catching statement paper. By combining a juicy color palette of red and pink, this zebra print deserves a commanding spot in a bright and showy home space. This playful design is made for lovers of bright color and loud prints. Hang this zebra wallpaper in a living room or study to make a real statement.

#2 – Bold and Beautiful



Philadelphia designer, Chanae Richards shared her newly renovated home with Apartment Therapy, showing off the bold, dark green, traditional wallpaper covering the walls of her Master Bedroom. She added a bright rug on the floor and an oversized light fixture hangs from the ceiling. As a final touch, we encourage you to read why she has a branch hanging on the wall.

#3 – Exotic from the Top to the Tub



Like we mentioned, ceiling wallpaper is a thing, and most often used in smaller spaces to make the room appear larger. This bathroom ceiling may not be for everyone but that’s quite candidly why we love it.

Pro Tip: If the bathroom is where you decide to paper the ceiling, shop bathroom-specific wallpaper. You can still use normal wallpaper which may be more on budget, so long as your bathroom is well ventilated and not prone to dampness. Whether you want to go all out, wallpaper just the upper half of a wall with tiling below or, simply paper the wall that sits opposite the sink, bath or shower… Anything goes.

#4 – A Little Bit of Everything



We audibly gasped at this look – the combination of wallpaper accent walls, tiles, gold, wood and Le Labo – leads us to believe this is the room that resurfaced the popularity of wallpaper. Joking aside, the aesthetic is unexpectedly pleasing as it’s a combination of multiple “loud” decisions in one space. By exploring a palette of transformative design options, you can create your own version of paradise, filled with charm and character.

#5 – Tasteful Texture



Gone are the days when wallpaper was a one-dimensional piece of paper on the wall. As printing techniques develop, the number of surfaces that can be printed on increase. One of the most comforting wallpaper trends is introducing texture to the walls. Choose a hessian wallcovering for the ultimate cosseting effect, and let the coziness commence.

What do you think of the wallpaper come back trend? Have you used it in your own home? Tag us @DraperDNA with your pics! Have an idea for something you’d like us to explore and write about? Email shawn@draperdna.com and let us know.



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