Why Sports Matter

August 12, 2019


Peer referrals, content sharing in today’s vernacular, remain the top influencer in the buying decision. Why do people share?

People share online because of…

  1. Ego (it feels good to share)
  2. The need to share information
  3. Emotion (think rage or surprise)

For people sharing in person, it is just the opposite…

  1. Emotion
  2. Information
  3. Ego

Do you consider why people share and the power of referrals when building your sales, marketing and communications plans? Let’s look at two examples where ego and emotion are being used well.


The reason people share suggests that the content we create and place online should speak to the ego of your audiences. All of the influencer programs (another term for referrals and word of mouth) being promoted are good examples of ego-based content. Look at bloggers working within the consumer marketplace for Wal-Mart, Target, and Hershey’s. It takes a pretty strong ego for these self-proclaimed “power moms” to make a business of sharing their experiences, insights, and opinions.


The content we create for offline use should connect with the emotions of your audiences. The best example of enlisting emotion as a powerful marketing and sales device is the current Dick’s Sporting Goods “Why Sports Matter” campaign. Dick’s has recognized schools and youth programs are struggling to raise money for sports and they are intent on helping with grants from their foundation and a full-blown marketing campaign asking for your help. The integrated campaign includes a dedicated website, media event at SXSW, instructions for schools and programs on how to raise money, celebrity endorsements, a movie on ESPN2, and two of the most moving, emotional commercials I have seen on TV. These commercials inspire the support of the sports-minded and tug on the strings of the big hearted. Here is the link of one of the two commercials I have seen –


After watching this commercial, I challenge you to tell me you are not moved to feel connected to Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Do you think you can leverage either ego or emotion to increase your sales and profits?

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