We Flippin’ Love QR Codes

April 25, 2022


That’s right. We love using QR codes. The fact that our phones make using QR codes so easy is step one for us in the love affair. Step two is businesses creating valuable content behind the codes. Step three is the need for touchless experiences due to COVID. Add them up and we flippin’ love QR codes.

Not Alone


An Engine Insights survey found 76% of consumers have scanned a QR code and 58% have become more comfortable using the technology since the pandemic began. Consumers are most likely to scan QR codes at in-store product displays, followed by fliers or posters (47%), website or magazine ads (45%), newspapers (39%) and TV commercials (37%) and are primarily prompted by ads that offer discounts and more information.

Many people saw a QR code begin to dance across the screen for a full 60 seconds during the most expensive advertising time in television. The dancing QR code ended up being one of the most memorable ads of the Super Bowl. 38% of US adults remember seeing the ad a month later. Of those consumers, 30% correctly recalled that the ad was for Coinbase and 17% thought it was for Crypto.com. 8.7% of US Adults, or roughly 22.7 million Americans, said that they scanned the QR code during the Super Bowl which was enough to crash the Coinbase website. This led to 25% of those that scanned the ad to get an error message. 62% of those that scanned were able to successfully access the $15 worth of free bitcoin that Coinbase was promoting. By all accounts, Coinbase’s dancing QR code got America’s attention.

For us, it was menus that opened the QR code door. That touchless experience at your favorite restaurant that replaced laminated menus. Simply scan the QR code at the table and “Wah Lah!” the full menu pops up on the screen of your phone.

How Do We Use the Damn Thing?


Imagine instead of receiving a copy of the restaurants’ menu you could register your project for the rebates and co-op funds by simply scanning a QR code on the packaging. No more long forms to scan and send email or fill out on online. Simply scan and submit. Builders leave thousands of dollars on the table because the submission is a “pain in the ass.” That’s a direct quote that is often repeated. If you use Salesforce as your CRM, attach a Pardot form to the QR code and this becomes even easier.

There are several more ways to use QR codes. Here is our initial list for you:

  • Warranty registration
  • Customer service
  • Promotions
  • Download information or an app
  • Make a payment

The list goes on including tracking an order, scheduling an appointment, gaining authorizations, sharing contact information, connecting with social media pages, and leaving a review.

We began using this card with NFC technology that allows you to tap a smartphone like a credit card and scan a QR code to share information on our business. This single tap or scan shares our contact information, links to our social media channels, photos, presentations, and videos including a welcome message from our leader. This also allows us to build and manage our CRM which is something our paper business cards cannot.


RFID tagQR code


Disrupt, Surprise, Delight.


For some people, the use of QR codes represents change and change is difficult. We share insights and best practices everyday through our social media channels. We recently wrote a blog about Status Quo Bias which is a reasonable explanation for why change is difficult for some people. We revel in bringing change to the building material manufacturing space. Our tag is Disrupt. Surprise. Delight. Because we believe you can make a difference, big and small, when you invest a part of your efforts in taking a path less traveled. Our collective experience demonstrates success by all measures is possible and, most likely, probable. We feel this way about QR codes.

There is a future for QR codes that begins now. Let us show you.

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