Too Good To Be True? No.

June 4, 2019

What if I told you we could create a customer centric road map for your sales, marketing and operations teams that will grow your business, increase profitability, give your team focus and differentiate your business with your customers?

Does this sound too good to be true?

It is not. Just ask McDonalds, Best Buy and, our client, Walker Zanger.

Just Ask the Customer

McDonalds thought they could make random product choices and changes without the input from their customers. The customers did have a voice and it was heard at the cash register or rather their silence was seen on the bottom line. Best Buy watched the customers buying experience change around them as their business weakened. Walker Zanger was asking what is next for them. All three of these businesses made a critical decision to engage their employees and customers to determine their road map to success.

Bringing the Past Forward

McDonalds, the largest burger joint in the world, realized that it was losing its way by making decisions for the customers including how they interact with business in person and through technology. Unlike Starbucks, customers do not expect a warm, personal feeling when walking into your local Micky D’s. Most of the McDonalds franchise owners have no idea who their customers are that drive thru or walk in the door.

McDonalds decided to fix this disconnect with their customers through the use of technology and by embracing the fact that they are a fast food business. For example, they have partnered with Uber Eats to provide their customers with the convenience of delivery at their homes and businesses.

Further, McDonalds acquired a dynamic personalization technology company to help them learn from their customers buying decisions. They started by returning to the familiar menus their customers have grown up loving. McDonalds has stopped making random decisions on their own and begun to engage and enlist their customers in returning their business to growth.

“Show” Me The Money


In 2012, Best Buy was bleeding money like many retailers, watching Amazon customers shopping their stores for the personal experience and buy the products online. A new CEO, Herbert Jolly, turned the momentum around with Best Buy exceeding expectations by enlisting the insights of their employees and customers to update their business model.

First, Best Buy asked the employees what they needed to make the store competitive again. Best Buy updated the out of date systems to provide the speed, convenience and data to make better buying and selling experiences. They also invested heavily in employee training programs to assure a better store experience for the customers and the employees.

Next, Jolly was well familiar with the practice of “showrooming,” in which customers came into a store to test products before buying online from competitors. So, he used that practice to his advantage–by instituting a price matching system. In addition, Best Buy also offered space to their vendor partners and in store pick up for online purchases.

Finally, Best Buy has increased their offering of personal services to their customers, something their competitors do not. By learning from their employees and customers, Best Buy has turned around their business.

What Next?

Walker Zanger wants to continue to grow their tile and stone business. They are seeing traditional retail stores closing in light of online sales at the same time online retailers were building brick and mortar stores. More of their competitors are investing in low price products. What does this mean to their showrooms and those of their partners and their business?

Walker Zanger engaged Draper DNA to define the customer journey and personas specific to their markets, customer and business. Without sharing details of this proprietary information, Walker Zanger identified each of their customers in depth, learned how these customers are making their decisions, and when, where, and how to best support their customers during the journey. Upon completing the study, Walker Zanger has a road map for sales, marketing and operations to providing their customers the experience they desire. No expensive guessing or assuming by Walker Zanger. They know where to go and how to grow their business.

Herein lies the answer to the opening questions I asked you. We can provide you with your customers’ journey and personas as your road map to success. Still don’t think it may be too good to be true? Contact me directly and I will put you in touch with the Head of Marketing at Walker Zanger so she can tell you it is true.

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