This is the Most Popular Design Style in Every State, According to Google

April 3, 2023


Google answers a lot of questions. What does it mean when the jets in the pool are bubbling? Is it a problem? How do we fix it? In this article, Google shows us the most popular design style in every state. For example:

  • Modern Farmhouse is the most popular home interior design style in the United States, topping searches in 33 states
  • Rustic and Coastal design was the top search in five states each
  • Mediterranean, Southwestern, Industrial, Victorian, and Eclectic styles were favorites in one state each

Are you interested in learning about the current design style in your state? We have the full report for you below. Enjoy!

Interior Design Styles By State


In interior design, trends come and go, but some styles remain ever-popular regardless of seasonality. But which interior design styles have been embraced across the United States? 

The study was conducted by Encino real estate, which analyzed Google Trends data with over 550 search terms relating to 25 interior design styles to reveal the most popular style in each state.

State Interior style
Alabama Modern Farmhouse
Alaska Rustic
Arizona Modern Farmhouse
Arkansas Eclectic
California Coastal
Colorado Modern Farmhouse
Connecticut Modern Farmhouse
Delaware Coastal
District of Columbia Mid-Century Modern
Florida Coastal
Georgia Coastal
Hawaii Feng Shui
Idaho Modern Farmhouse
Illinois Modern Farmhouse
Indiana Modern Farmhouse
Iowa Modern Farmhouse
Kansas Modern Farmhouse
Kentucky Modern Farmhouse
Louisiana Modern Farmhouse
Maine Modern Farmhouse
Maryland Modern Farmhouse
Massachusetts Feng Shui
Michigan Modern Farmhouse
Minnesota Modern Farmhouse
Mississippi Modern Farmhouse
Missouri Modern Farmhouse
Montana Rustic
Nebraska Modern Farmhouse
Nevada Modern Farmhouse
New Hampshire Victorian
New Jersey Modern Farmhouse
New Mexico Southwestern
New York Industrial
North Carolina Modern Farmhouse
North Dakota Rustic
Ohio Modern Farmhouse
Oklahoma Modern Farmhouse
Oregon Modern Farmhouse
Pennsylvania Rustic
Rhode Island Modern Farmhouse
South Carolina Coastal
South Dakota Modern Farmhouse
Tennessee Modern Farmhouse
Texas Modern Farmhouse
Utah Modern Farmhouse
Vermont Modern Farmhouse
Virginia Modern Farmhouse
Washington Mediterranean
West Virginia Modern Farmhouse
Wisconsin Modern Farmhouse
Wyoming Rustic

The Winner Is?


Google Trends data reveals a clear leader as the most popular interior design style across the United States: Modern Farmhouse. A blend of classic and contemporary styles, Modern Farmhouse is by far the most popular style in the United States and is the favorite in 33 states. Its appeal is widespread, ranking in the top three favorite styles for all but two states: Alaska and Wyoming. Modern Farmhouse receives over 110,000 average monthly searches, one in eight of all design searches across the United States. 

The Modern Farmhouse style has been popularized across TV and magazines, from interior design to home renovation and DIY shows, which showcase its blend of old and new. The style incorporates traditional farmhouse components such as wood, metal, and distressed surfaces, modernized through the use of clean lines, neutral colors, and contemporary touches. As the farmhouse style represents traditional American values, such as hard work, simplicity, and family, its widespread appeal has stuck and been lifted into the now.

Rustic style comes second, ranking top three in 31 states and the top search in five: Montana, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Alaska. Its appeal is easy to understand, as rustic design uses elements inspired by the natural beauty of the great outdoors. It is desirable because it evokes warmth and comfort and is a versatile and down-to-earth design choice due to its no-fuss approach. Rugged, organic materials and charming simplicity characterize rustic design. Over 64,000 searches are made for rustic design in the United States each month.

Coastal style comes in third; this style also topped searches in five states but only made the top three for 13 states compared to rustic’s 31. All five states which favored coastal styles were coastal themselves: California, Delaware, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina. Inspired by beach life, coastal design uses colors of the sea, sand, and sky and incorporates nautical themes, natural materials, and patterns. It is popular due to its relaxed and easygoing vibe. Californians are particularly fond of this style, with one in five US searches for coastal design originating from The Golden State. 

A surprise contender, Feng Shui style topped the results in two states on opposite ends of the country: Massachusetts and Hawaii. Feng Shui is less of an interior style and more of a design philosophy. Essentially, it is about creating a harmonious and balanced space to bring positive energy and good fortune into your home. It is an ancient Chinese practice that dates back thousands of years. The fundamental principles include keeping the space free of clutter, promoting a positive flow of energy, and incorporating objects that bring prosperity and good health. The color palette and materials draw from natural elements such as wood, earth, and water. 

Mid-Century Modern was the favorite style in Washington D.C. and made the top three in 25 states, making it one of the most popular styles in the United States.

Bucking the Trend


With surprising results, five states buck the trend and stand alone in their preferences. 

Washington’s favorite interior style is Mediterranean. Mediterranean design was the clear favorite in Washington, representing over one in three searches from within the state. Mediterranean design does not appear in any other state’s top five, with over 40% of all national searches coming from Washington alone. 

New York’s most popular style is industrial design. With a rich industrial history and repurposed factories, warehouses, and loft spaces, it is no surprise that this style is still so prevalent. New York City’s interior spaces often feature exposed brick and concrete, and metal features. Over a third of all US-based searches for industrial interior design comes from New York.

Southwestern style was the favorite in New Mexico, likely influenced by its indigenous cultures and Spanish colonial history. Southwestern style brings to mind warm earth tones, rustic wood, tiles, and textiles. Inspired by the desert, it is popular in warm climates for practical purposes while remaining cozy and charming. 

Victorian style reigned supreme in New Hampshire. Victorian style has roots in New Hampshire and influences the state’s interior style trends to date. Many homes in New Hampshire were constructed during the Victorian era. The style is characterized by ornate design elements and intricate detail throughout the exterior and interior, making it hard to steer away from if you live in a Victorian home.

As a total surprise, Arkansas’ number one interior style was eclectic design. Hinting from its name, eclectic interiors combine various unrelated design elements into one cohesive style. It is hard to pull off, but when it works, your personality and creativity can shine through and create a truly unique space. 



Real estate expert, Tony Mariotti, commented on the findings:

“The data highlights the enduring popularity of the Modern Farmhouse style but also showcases the diversity of interior design preferences across the country. When looking at regional differences, the state’s history, geography, and climate still appear to be the main influences rather than seasonal trends. Regardless of the favored style, all were characterized in some way by natural features, whether color, material or pattern, a testament to how important it is that our interiors remain connected to our surroundings”. 

Are trends created through the influence of manufacturers or do manufacturers follow the trends of designers, influencers, and homeowners. Our experience shows it is all of the above. Our client DaVinci Roofscapes is a terrific example of building a trend of using synthetic slate and shake roofing shingles or tiles to provide the look of natural slate and shakes with benefits that capitalize on the weaknesses of the natural products. The black exterior finishes of windows and doors is a great example of designers and homeowners driving a trend that manufacturers balked at for years because of performance issues. Regardless of the origin of these trends , it is important we all stay informed and this is why we write this blog and social media posts every week and share them with you.

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