The GIG Economy: Leveraging To Your Advantage

September 6, 2018

Draper DNA is excited to introduce you to Content Network™, a subscription service exclusively for the home and building products industry that lets you increase how much and what kind of content you produce – without sacrificing quality or your time. And without surprises to your budget.

The genesis for creating this collection of dedicated professional writers and designers is the increasing demand for quality articles, blogs, case studies, email, ebooks, and white papers as stated by our clients and prospects.

We conducted a survey of a sample group of home and building products manufacturers to ask them about their use and the demand for content. We gained three important insights from the research –

  • Home and building products manufacturers understand the power and importance of well-produced content
  • More custom content would be produced for their brands if it were easier and less expensive to create.
  • A full 75% of the respondents state they would participate in a subscription service to provide this content.

The Benefits

This should not be a surprise if you consider the benefits of the Content Network™.

  • Professional, highly skilled writers and designers – More than 35% of the most experienced workforce today are freelancers and contract workers, according to Forbes.
  • Cost savings – One of the main attractions to hiring freelancers is that they save you money, because you’re only paying them for the actual work they do on a project. Compare that to a “real” employee, whom you have to pay even when they’re on vacation or out sick — and who also want healthcare benefits and a 401(K). CNN Money reports that companies pay 18 to 26 percent more than an employee’s salary just to have them on the team.
  • More efficient – You might think that those working from home are less productive than their in-house peers, because they have all the distractions of home life getting in the way. But this Forbes post references a study by economics professor Nicholas Bloom, in which he determined that at-home workers got more done than their in-office counterparts. The freelancers in his study successfully made more business calls than their in-office counterparts, essentially creating an entire, additional day of work during the workweek.
  • Specialization – Freelancers are very good at what they do and only at what they do. For instance, copywriters are awesome at writing copy and understanding the ad industry; web designers and developers are great at building websites and user interfaces; and SEO specialists can offer actionable advice at growing your Google search rankings. When you hire a freelancer, they tend to always be on-point in their industry, because that’s the focus of their career.
  • Timesaving – Content Network™ eliminates the demand on your time for searching, vetting, contracting, managing, and paying the freelancers.

Speaking From Experience

“My team is responsible for the trade and consumer blogs, and we publish between four to five articles per week. We’re a really lean team. To keep on top of our blog content load, we’ve come to rely on trusted freelancers who create content for our audience. We’ve curated a list of freelance writers who understand the web design and development world and who can emulate our voice and tone, so that the content fits seamlessly into our publication.

Not only are freelancers an awesome way for us to scale effectively, but it also allows us to diversify the voices and perspectives we can offer to our readers. Industry experts who have insights we may never have dreamed up are able to share their vision with our audience because of this freelance relationship. It’s a beautiful way to enhance our blogs without straining our small team.”

Make The Content Network™ Work For Your Brand

Companies are increasingly realizing how the Gig economy is a big part of the solution to their content production problems.

Is it time for your company to get on board with the freelance economy?


A special thank you to freelance writer and member of the Content Network™ Marc Schenker for much of the researched content shared in this post.

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