See the Love – Benjamin Moore

June 2, 2021


“A relentless focus on quality and care”. That is the message Benjamin Moore wanted to express in its latest advertising campaign. And it’s one that Draper DNA stands by, as a team of tenured professionals. A decade ago, ads were all about nostalgia. It was taught to us at a young age and it was what worked at that time. It took over advertising in the 90’s (not to date ourselves). Over the years, marketing became more snarky, overzealous with generous humor, and a beacon of quick wit. All of which are wonderful, but the human touch was missing for a while. The team at Benjamin Moore found a way to get us nostalgic about nostalgia in its “See the Love” series. Ironic, but smart move. It makes a difference.

While there are many amazing videos for this debut, the one that sticks out to us is the Anthem Commercial”. It’s honest. It’s humble. It describes love in a way that we all have felt, or want to feel. “Love can turn a pair of hands into a set of tools” is one of the most empowering taglines we have ever heard. And that’s with decades of experience in this business. Decades of pitching, designing, learning, creating, evolving and producing advertisements in the home and building products industry.

The brand goes on to say, “Homeowners, painters, retailers, architects, designers, and employees are all part of our Benjamin Moore family. We’re focused on inspiring and transforming lives with the highest quality products and solutions. Our new ad campaign, seen here, reflects.”  And that is a vision we see clearly. When working with our clients, we spend days understanding their vision; their truth; their creation, and we assume the role of creating messaging and content that lives up to that standard. And, even above it.

An example can be seen by this video we created for our client, Armstrong Ceilings. A tenured teacher friend of Draper DNA filmed a video about air quality in classrooms that was viewed nearly a million times. The importance of our work doesn’t stop here. Basic human standard and care has been lost over the last year and nostalgia has come back. Benjamin Moore recognized it and capitalized on that. Brilliant.

We are all dealing with the state of what’s happening in a different capacity. Be it sadness, fitness, cooking, family time, re-shaping our homes or simply binge-watching bad TV – it’s been important to find something that feels good. And Benjamin Moore found what works for everyone and we are huge fans.

Good advertising these days is hard to find. Not with Benjamin Moore. They got it right. We are in a place where we need love. We need safety. We need humanity. While we appreciate the other angles, this is an important place to be.

At Draper DNA we are thinking differently and about how to make a difference. Would you like us to help you define that? We are here for you. Whenever you need us. Contact Shawn Draper at to get started.

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