Red (Draper DNA’s Version)

November 22, 2021


Taylor Swift released “Red Taylor’s Version”, an expanded re-recording of her hit 2012 album that comes as she works to reclaim her existing music catalog after a very public dispute with her former record label and Scooter Braun.

As trained communicators, we love smart thinking and we noticed some of our favorite socially savvy brands are leveraging the record release as an opportunity to throw shade at Jake Gyllenhall (it’s rumored that she wrote the album after they broke up), crack a witty joke or make a “red” pun that relates to their audience. This is all being posted with #RedTaylorsVersion.

Naturally, we are following along. And so far, here are five of our favorites:



The boutique fitness company is known for its “Red Room”, a nod to the red lighting they use in every studio during class and app. They posted on Instagram about playing Red in the Red Room.




Sour Patch Kids


Always clever in their advertising, Sour Patch Kids tweeted early in the morning by wishing everyone a good morning—except Jake Gyllenhaal, adding that the brand “just wants to talk” to him with a picture of a red, angry Sour Patch Kid with its arms crossed.




Panera Bread


Panera took a very clever approach and we want to know whose idea it was, because its brilliant. They took a Taylor Swift lyric from the album, “Loving you is red” and changed it, “Loving you is bread.”





Taking a “new twist on the classics” approach, Etsy tweeted a photo of a woman in a red knit hat and scarf as a tie to Taylor lyrics the track “All Too Well”, which on this re-recording is now more than 10 minutes long.



Soul Cycle


Speaking of the length of the song, SoulCycle posted about having a “10-minute Soul Moment” in a clearly themed class, red lights and all.



Which is your favorite of our picks? And what others have you seen that have impressed you? We’d love to see them.

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