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January 18, 2022


An architect once told me “We can design a plan building or a beautiful one, the cost to design them is the same.” I believe the same is true with most marketing, particularly product packaging. The art of functional and beautiful packaging is often overlooked. Recently, seeing these four images of striking packaging led me to ask why we do not recognize the artistry of product packaging when it is merited. Here are four examples of powerful packaging that stand out above the rest (and isn’t this the idea?).

Here Kitty, Kitty!


powerful packaging


Dairy brand Bryansky enlisted agency partner DEPOT to create this clever packaging of the kitty on the box. As you can see simply by rotating the packaging, you can change the story the packaging is telling. Imagine the fun you can have merchandising the shelves at a Lowe’s or Home Depot by telling your unique story through your product facing. I can see it working with lawn and garden products, kitchen cabinets, power tools, and lighting to name a few.

Clearly Art


powerful packaging


Glass vessels designed for display is the purpose this packaging. High end liquors often take a prominent place on the showcasing shelving behind the bar. Attractive packaging is important for awareness, engagement, and purchasing of the products. Arnell Group designed these mockups to demonstrate the importance and power of packaging. These designs created such a stir that the demand for the product, which does not exist, was overwhelming.

Saga Grand Gin is using powerful packaging to tell their brand story in a bright and vibrant way (header image). The top of each bottle is dipped in bright highlighter yellow wax partially covering a label of four different people leaving the consumer to be drawn into the stories each bottle tells. The story continues on the box describing how the product certified organic gin. All of this to lift Saga Grand Gin up in a very competitive market.


powerful packaging


Allbird Shoes: Run Hard, Tread Light


powerful packaging


The Allbirds shoe story is amazing all by itself. A New Zealander looks to wool and other natural materials to create shoes. Taking their commitment to sustainability one step further, Allbirds created packaging for their new Tree Dasher line using 100% compostable materials. As you can see the packaging design offers the consumer a VIP experience and it can be used as a planter. A performance running shoe made with natural materials demands smart packaging. Making it useful and beautiful is powerful.

The Art of Packaging


Some will say great packaging protects the products it holds. We agree. Others will say packaging will inform consumers what is inside and how to use it. We agree. Many people say less packaging is best for the environment. We believe powerful packaging is functional, informative, and attention grabbing. Your packaging is free real estate for you to increase awareness, entice customers to engage with your products, and, when done right, inspire them to purchase your products. This applies to all products, both B2B and B2C. Failure to recognize and use this space is negligence, paramount to leaving money on the table. Recognizing the power of packaging now requires you to recognize the importance of the art and the artists of packaging.

If this post inspires you to revisit your packaging or at the very least see powerful packaging in the marketplace, share what you see here with why it impressed you.

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