Never Stop Learning

June 16, 2021


“Once you stop learning, you start dying” – a quote from Albert Einstein and a core mission for Draper DNA. Part of the reason we kicked off the “There is a Difference” video series in 2021 is to learn from the experience of smart, successful and tenacious professionals. The idea is to leverage our network, clients, prospects, team members and friends to talk to us about their unique experiences, talents and expertise in a fun and captivating way. We believe that everyone has a difference to make, and we are always curious about how brands and professionals think differently, act differently and make a difference in their own distinctive ways. As we head into Q3 of 2021 (what?!) these conversations are leaving us inspired and excited to continue the series.

What We’re Learning in Home + Building


Draper DNA, at its core, is focused on the home and building space. As we began the year still navigating the pandemic, we were able to talk with experts in building products, contracting, architecture, public relations, remodeling and construction. As we celebrated “Women in Construction Week”, we had the distinct pleasure of learning from some female power-houses about what it’s like to be a woman in a typically male-dominated industry.

From those conversations, we learned lessons about virtual sales showrooms, pitching media during a sensitive time, the growing trend of indoor/outdoor living spaces, the importance of air flow and the evolution of design as a whole for both commercial and residential properties. Who would have thought that outdoor dining would be a significant consideration when designing a restaurant this year?

In an interview with Dean Horowitz, president of commARCH magazine, we talk about how a print publication learns to navigate the digital world… while using hip-hop as an inspiration. Emmie Tyson, architect, shares with us the comradery she’s found working with other smart females in her industry. Edie Kello, tenured building products executive, explains the importance of making social gatherings a priority to stay on top of your working from home game. The ways in which professionals are making a difference have changed – and we’re thrilled to be learning how.

What We’re Learning from Outside Home + Building


While Draper DNA prides itself on its home and building expertise, with this series, we want to also dig deep into our rolodex and speak with connoisseurs of other (very cool) topics to learn from leaders outside of the home and building world. We are having thought-provoking conversations with entrepreneurs, witty and savvy copywriters and creative directors, fitness professionals, sports marketers and more.

While chatting with Joe Sterne, CEO of Obvious Coffee, we are reminded about the importance of empathy with everyone you come in contact with. Needless to say, it’s been a tough year, so re-learning this standard act of kindness was refreshing. DNA was able to talk to Heather Anderson about how she created a successful online business from her living room and watched it grow week-over-week. Sports marketing expert, Brent Gambill and DNA had a great conversation about the power of networking and the importance of family. Having worked with brands like Apple, Google, AirBnB and Samsung, writer Drew Hoolhorst taught us that staying true to who you are is okay. Using humor in your writing works. And that criticism isn’t a bad thing.

See. Always learning.

What’s to Come


These interviews are an exceptional experience for Draper DNA and we love sharing them. We hope if you’re inspired, you will share, too. The upcoming episodes are just as delightful and empowering. We speak with a SEO who knows more about the topic than one person should. Needless to say, we learned a lot from him. We also talk to a tenured digital marketing professional who navigated the hospitality industry through a pandemic, when the majority of her clients’ businesses were being hit hard. A social media guru with a focus on crisis management, which you can imagine is a big job with something new to learn every day.

In addition to what we’re learning from each of our interviewees it’s a fun learning experience for the team at Draper DNA to continue to leverage video capabilities, editing, creative content and promotions while creating and expanding the “There is a Difference” video blog series.

Is there a way you’re making a difference that you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear it! Please reach out to Abby at


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