“My Wife Has More Followers Than You!”

August 2, 2019

We coach and mentor several different companies on establishing and improving their social media efforts. We enjoy the conversations, the preparations and learning we do to stay current, and the results we can produce together. It is fulfilling.

We are strong proponents of starting with your goals and strategies defined. We believe “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” AKA, have a plan.

Recently, we overheard a client talk about the small number of followers we have across my social channels and that his wife has more followers than we do. Our answer to this challenge is simply the number of followers reflects our goals and strategies for our social media platforms. Let us explain.

The single goal of the Draper DNA social media platforms are to target and engage the businesses and decision makers we are pursuing as clients. We have a list of 100+ businesses and 200+ decision makers are working to establish and build a relationship with through our marketing efforts. As a result, it is not likely we will have more followers than his wife. We will have followers that are meaningful to our business.

In addition to clients and prospective clients, we are working to identify key influencers to our clients and prospective clients. As these influencers are identified, we will engage them to be a part of our social media community.

We do have a secondary purpose for our social media efforts. We use each platform, current and new, to test concepts, content, and capabilities to create best practices and programs for our clients. This allows us to go to market with confidence in the programs and services that have been refined in market.

The moral of this story is a classic one. Things are not always as they appear. In this case, less is more, intentionally.

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