It’s About Time!

July 21, 2023


Does it seem a little early to be talking about planning for the International Builders Show? We profess it is about time to beginning thinking about the International Builders Show. It is summertime. You may be at the lake or the ocean or the pool. You likely have a few minutes to clear your calendar and your mind to let your imagination go to work.

We received this note from our friends at Pinnacle and think it will help you think about the possibilities you have in February.

Just Imagine


Looking to captivate attendees and create meaningful connections in the buzzing trade show environment?

Reimagine your exhibits. The trade show floor offers a valuable opportunity to get creative, think beyond tradition, and generate real, lasting connections with your audience. Not sure where to start?

Here’s five tips to fuel your brainstorm:

  1. Interactive Experiences: Engage attendees with interactive elements that invite them to participate and immerse themselves in your brand. From gamified challenges to virtual reality experiences, let them be an active part of the story you’re telling.
  2. Unexpected Surprises: Leave a lasting impression by offering unexpected surprises throughout the event. Pop-up performances, surprise giveaways, or intriguing hidden experiences all spark curiosity and keep attendees coming back for more.
  3. Personalized Touches: Tailor your interactions to the individual by creating personalized moments. Whether it’s custom demos, one-on-one consultations, or personalized gifts, make attendees feel seen and valued in your booth.
  4. Engaging Visuals: Catch the eye with visually stunning, dynamic displays that convey your brand message. Incorporate lighting, graphics, or installations that draw attendees in and create an unforgettable visual experience.
  5. Thought-Provoking Content: Offer valuable insights and thought-provoking content that sparks conversations and establishes your brand as a trusted authority. Host engaging talks, workshops, or panel discussions that inspire attendees and encourage dialogue.

Remember, the goal is to stand out from the crowd with a memorable space that is authentically you. And if you get stuck? Call us to collaborate! We’ll help you take your trade show activation to new heights and bring your vision to life.

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