I’m a Millennial But Don’t Call Me That

September 10, 2019

We are pleased to share this guest post with you from one our millennial partners.

I’m a Millennial But Don’t Call Me That

As someone who qualifies as a “millennial” I am so tired of hearing that word. It has become an excuse to many and is so frequently misused that the qualities of what defines a millennial have become unclear. Some people call millennials entitled and lazy. Others deem them brilliant and innovative. With these muddy waters, it has been interesting to watch the evolution of marketing strategies and campaigns. Especially as “millennials” themselves are becoming decision makers in the industry. Millennials defined as anyone between the ages of 23-38, which is the actual definition of a millennial.

Regardless of whether you are in favor of the term or not, there are a few things research has proven about this age group specific to getting them to pay attention to what you’re selling

I Like Me

First and foremost, millennials love to hear themselves talk. This is why we all blog, post photos of our every move to Instagram and tweet about how we’re feeling. We want the attention. Which is why user generated content is becoming a must-do for brands. One of the easiest ways to leverage this is by re-posting your customers’ photos on Instagram. This is mutually beneficial as brand loyalists will enjoy the thrill of seeing their photo on your feed and you are guaranteed fresh content and ongoing loyalty. Remember, we like ourselves and take pride in what we’re saying. To have you pay attention to that is huge.

I Like People Like Me

Not only do we like to hear ourselves talk, we trust our other “millennial” friends and what they have to say. With that, influencer marketing is gold. If I get online to check my favorite blogs and see a post about a brand I’m not familiar with or have been curious about, I will read it and more likely than not, trust what the blogger has said. In fact, after reading a blog about the new Dyson SuperSonic hair dryer, I knew I needed to own it. I have very little interest in hair products or fashion, so it is not something I likely would have wanted had I not read this blog. After doing a bit more research I learned that it was out of my price range, so instead of trying to find ways to save for the product, I negotiated with some brands I do influencer work for and was successful in trading work for the dryer. Proof of the power of influencer marketing.

Changes For The Better

One thing that millennials have become notorious for is the desire to make a change in the world. Social good is at the top of the young marketers’ tongue during every planning meeting. This is a good thing for brands as showcasing social responsibility is not only a chance for brands to make the world a better place but also something that is easy to get onboard with. TOMS is the go-to brand here with case study after case study proving its positive reputation and popularity. It’s so important and such a simple addition to any marketing strategy. Has your brand written a CSR plan? If not, what is the reason?

Instead of throwing the term “millennial” around loosely because you’ve heard it so many times from others, I encourage you to learn how to speak directly to this age group individually and get to learn more about us. I assure you, it is mutually beneficial.


Abby Draper is a leading lifestyle influencer in the health, wellness, fitness and fashion markets. She is also a public relations professional with experience in the home and building marketplace… and I am her proud dad.

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