Happy Holidays!

December 20, 2022


I decided to take a few day of the year off for the holidays. This is a rare event as an entrepreneur since your business is often like a member of your family in which you are always there for them. This year I made a commitment to take the time to provide my undivided attention to my wife, daughter, son, and his fiancé. When I made this pledge, my daughter stepped forward and offered to help make this easier, so she wrote this blog post for me to share with you.

Happy holidays to our friends, family, followers, and yours:

When my dad started Draper DNA he did it with the same values he’s shared with my brother and I for nearly forty years (even though I still look twenty) and he continues to stand by each of them a decade later. They have become a pillar and mission to the agency and we’d love to share more with you in the upcoming year.



It might not always be the easiest option, but it is always the best option. And your clients and colleagues will remember that about you for the rest of your career and beyond. Don’t tap into unfair and easy choices. Do the right thing.



You never know what others are going through. Ever. Always take that into consideration when you enter a conversation. Life is hard. Work is hard. Family can be hard. Treat others how you want to be treated.



There is a difference between hope and faith. Hope is passive and faith is active. Choose faith. “Worry is wasted imagination” is a quote we’ve heard all our lives and that’s because there are people on your side all the time and through anything. Have faith in the power of kindness.

Hard work


No matter what your role is, be certain you can – and are willing to – make the coffee and change the printer cartridges at work. I actually remember when my dad ran for State Representative and invited me to go door knocking with him to earn the votes of neighbors by having meaningful conversations vs. a direct mail attempt.

Work/Life balance


It’s an old adage, but it’s very true. Don’t ruin your personal life to satisfy your career. One remains for good, the other can end at any time. Trust your instincts, give your family the love they deserve and demand.

Be it the holidays or otherwise, we are here for whatever you need. Feel free to reach out to my dad, Shawn at shawn@draperdna.com.

God bless you all and thank you for all the gifts and blessings you have provided Draper DNA and our families.

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