Feeling Blue

June 28, 2018

The Power of Color

I have worked in the construction industry my entire life. Actually, I am the third generation in my family to do so on both my mothers and fathers sides. My wife teases me when we drive through a neighborhood and I begin identifying building products brands. It’s not always easy to pick the right brand say for roof shingles or composite decking. Fortunately, many building products brands have embraced the power of color – the brand color.

The Henry Company is the latest building product manufacturer using color in a striking way. Henry blue or Blueskin® is a beautiful bright billboard on every jobsite and development. It is distinctive and eye catching and because the product allows for exceptionally long exposure to the elements, it can be seen for extended periods of time.


Henry is not alone in the brand color game for house wrap and exterior barrier products. Here is a list of other manufacturers and their colors of choice:

DuPont Tyvek – White


Typar – Grey


GP DensGlass – Yellow


Fortifiber – Yellow


Dow – Light blue


Zip System – Green


Owens Corning – Pink


Brand color marketing does not stop with exterior wraps and barriers. Power tools are one of the “passion brands” of the construction industry. Trades people are deeply loyal to their power tool brands and their colors. Milwaukee Tools is the leading social media marketer among building products companies in our 2018 Top 50 research due to the combination of their owners passion and the companies ability to leverage the big red brand.


Other power tool brand colors include:

DeWalt – Yellow and Black


Makita – Blue


Ryobi – Neon green


Ridgid – Orange


The use of color as a branding tool is smart, effective approach when your color of choice is attractive and distinctive. A good marketer extends the brand color to the obvious collateral, digital, wearables and advertising. A great marketer takes brand color marketing several steps further through events, content and program themes.

What are the next building products categories to begin using brand color marketing to their advantage? Yours? Let us know if we can help.

Full disclosure: Henry Company, Fortifiber, DuPont Tyvek, DeWalt, Milwaukee Tools, Ridgid, Ryobi, Zip Systems (Huber) are all current or former clients of ours. As a result, you should see our collection of brand color shirts.

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