Concepts That Have Never Seen the Light of Day

March 17, 2024


We were invited to respond to a request for proposal that asked us to share past work. We dug through several past client files and decided to do a little spring cleaning. In doing so, we were inspired by several of the concepts we found that have never seen the light of day. We think it is time to change this and shed light on several past concepts we created along with a little back story.

Mansfield Plumbing


This campaign was so fun to work on. All of our work on rebranding and the subsequent communications for Mansfield Plumbing were based on conversations with plumbers in the field and in their offices. A big take away was plumbers respond to straight talk, sometimes a little rough, and they laugh about how plumbing fixture companies position and message toilets and tub as so much more than white porcelain.

The Mansfield team wanted to speak directly to the plumbers in their voice while giving a proper nod to the products being made in the US. Here are few of the concepts the client liked but were put on the shelf.





Ultimately, the client chose these two concepts for this campaign. The straight talk was well-received by the plumbers and the distributors any way you measured it.



Georgia Pacific


The concepts we put together for Georgia Pacific are bad ass. We were invited to participate in a pitch for agency of record and asked to create and present our ideas on reaching the targeted trade across channels. We had immediate experience in this category which uses brand colors as a distinct feature visible on project sites. We also have experience in working with trade to building brand loyalty using trade dress. Think power tools. We created and tested these concepts with the trade for our presentation. What do you think? Killer, right?

GP concepts 1    GP concepts 2    GP concepts 3


GP concepts 4    GP concepts 5


Georgia Pacific loved these concepts. Raved about them. Yet, they chose another agency because, as they explained to us, we did not show enough campaign extensions, for example, aisle interrupters for home improvement stores. They were right, we chose to deliver these concepts in larger formats for print and digital ads, website, print collateral, and select signage but not aisle interrupters.

We still think there is a place for this campaign with someone, yellow or not.

Armstrong Ceilings


Our long standing relationship with Armstrong Ceilings began when the flooring business was separated from the company and new branding was required for the ceiling group. Armstrong Ceilings showcased their new branding at a national trade show. I mentioned to the brand director that the new branding was poor. Her response was classic. “Okay smart guy what would you do?” We presented our ideas, she loved them, and we rebranded Armstrong Ceilings.

Here are a few concepts we shared with them that did not make the cut.

AC concepts 1    AC concepts 2


AC concepts 3    AC concepts 4


This generation of branding lived a full life for Armstrong Ceilings and has since been replaced with the current branding. So it goes with a business that is changing with the times.

If You Think This is Fun


Just like looking through photo albums with your family, we have collected a fair share beautifully done ads with clever and often edgy copy and video out takes that are pretty funny from the past. Add to all of this the industry’s best 3D experiences available.

We have shared a few of the concepts that have never seen the light of day. Next, we invite you to experience our presentation on what is next for your company to drive business with your customers. It will save your customers a small mint and separate you from the competition. Give us a shout if you are interested in learning more.


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