Barbie’s Dreamhouse is Now a (Popular) Reality

August 12, 2022


ICYMI, the trends in home décor and design are becoming more and more aligned with trends in pop culture, celebrity, fashion and beauty – and being further amplified with the advent of TikTok. In fact, according to Esty, a 21% increase in searches for pink home and living-related items since we were first exposed to Ryan Gosling and Margo Robbie – the “Barbie” and “Ken” stars in the upcoming Barbie Movie.

If you’ve been keeping up, Draper DNA has been excitedly following and reporting on up-and-coming home trends, offering insights into what they are and how to achieve them with our favorite pieces and products that fit the mold. This week, we are here to help you keep the Barbie Dreamhouse fantasy alive and well – in whatever shade of pink you deem suitable in your space.

If you’re like us and feeling curious about #Barbiecore, this isn’t too tough of a trend to tackle. Basically, just go with pink, pink and… well, more pink. According to trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson, “Barbiecore is all about embracing vibrant hues into your everyday life. Don’t be afraid to incorporate as many different shades as you can into your space.”

TikTok famous DIYer Tay BeepBoop adds, “I love colorful interiors and I’m so happy to see them take off. When I think of Barbie homes, I think of large colorful pieces. I don’t envision a lot of clutter, because Barbies don’t have water cups, delivery boxes or junk mail strewn about the house. Barbie is minimalism meets maximalist.”

If you’re inspired to bring some #Barbiecore into your own living space, here are perfectly pink examples for each focal room in your home. Which is your favorite?

Barbiecore Kitchen



Barbiecore Dining Room



Barbiecore Living Room



Barbiecore Home Office



Barbiecore Bar



Barbiecore Master Bedroom



Barbiecore Master Bathroom



Barbiecore Guest Bedroom



Barbiecore Guest Bathroom



Barbiecore Baby Room



What other home design and décor trends have caught your eye recently? Give us a shout – we’ll do the exploring for you and report back in an upcoming blog. Simply email

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