A Look Back at Our Predictions for 2017

January 31, 2018

At the beginning of every New Year, we receive the benefit of experts from many different fields sharing their predictions and forecasts for the year ahead. We deliver predictions for the New Year every year. We noticed that you rarely see these experts hold themselves accountable for their predictions. With this in mind, we have decided to hold ourselves accountable and review our predictions for 2017.

Prediction 1. It’s time to step up your commitment to and investment in video marketing

BOOM! Check out the numbers on video usage across media and platforms:


Result: We believe we can say we got this prediction correct. One for one.

Prediction 2. Social media becomes more strategic

“73 percent of B2B purchase decision makers are Millennials and 85 percent of Millennials use social media to research B2B products and services for their companies.” (Sacunas 2016)

Change is slow in the building products industry as demonstrated by early stages of movement to a more strategic social media business effort. To the credit of the manufacturers, they are beginning to recognize the importance of social media and admit they need experienced professionals leading their investments.

Result: Yes with more room for improvement. Two for two.

Prediction 3. Influencer marketing gains traction with building products manufacturers and homebuilders

Influencer marketing is booming as a tactic to increase awareness, engagement and sales. New forecasts for 2018 are expected double digit growth for the third year in a row. Interested? Draper DNA is the proven leader in influencer marketing in the building products industry.

Result: SCORE. 3 for 3.

Prediction 4. Storytelling is your content marketing strategy

We nailed this prediction with 100% accuracy. You can open any link, site or app without being tutored on the importance of storytelling.

Result: Homerun! 4 for 4.

Prediction 5. Customer service will supersede products and price in importance with your customers

Unfortunately, the building products industry appears to be making minor advances in improving customer service. On the bright side, the combination of technology and customer savvy people can catapult our industry to the forefront of customer service in a single year.

Result: Swing and miss. Four for five.

Our stretch call

2017 is the year a few smart building products manufacturers finally see the light and embrace online sales (ecommerce)

We completed an extensive survey of building products manufacturers and their distribution channel partners and found the channel partners are making significant investments in ecommerce to meet the expectations of their trade customers and protect themselves from the manufacturers selling direct.

Result: A win for the customers (and maybe the manufacturers). 5 for 6.

By most standards, our predictions for 2017 were in tune with and embraced by the market place. Being connected with the trades, builders, remodelers, architects, designers and manufacturers and delivering services that make a different to our clients are our expertise.

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