15 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Crazy Powerful

September 24, 2019

Your reasons to believe…

As defined by your consumers…

  1. Reach – 93% of US consumers are email subscribers
  2. Mobility – 51% of all emails sent are now opened and read on a mobile device
  3. Flexibility – Email marketing is effective throughout the buyers journey beginning with acquisition, moving through onboarding and engagement, and ending with retention

And reported by your peers…

  1. 88% of marketers use email marketing with their marketing mix
  2. 68% of these marketers believe email is core to their business
  3. 58% of the marketers plan to increase their spending on email marketing
  4. 88% of these same marketers report email marketing produces ROI

Email marketing provides you with an incredibly powerful tool to precisely connect with the exact audience you need to meet your business goals. Moving your email marketing program beyond email blasts allows you the following advantages:

  1. Targeting – select the people or businesses of your choice using numerous criteria including
    • Location
    • Language
    • Purchase preferences (product type, cost, frequency of purchase)
    • Position in the buying journey
    • Gender, age, race
  2. Testing – determine the best subject line, content, promotional offers, and delivery timing to make your program more efficient and effective
  3. Personalize – speaking directly to your audience by name with content specifically for that person or business is a huge advantage to email marketing over other communications media
  4. Nurture – the ability to create a dialogue with your customers based on their immediate response or those over time is unique to email marketing and allows you to create a life time value for each customer
  5. Lead generation – your direct connection and dialogue with your customers will produce immediate leads with them and likely leads through referrals to their friends and family (another powerful result)
  6. Sell – promotions and coupons are well accepted by email subscribers, tracking the subscribers purchase history allows you to further define and refine your promotional plans and outcomes
  7. Measure and report – you can track the number of impressions, pieces of content created, engagement, and sales to the single buyer

Finally, No. 15, email marketing can be managed as a low cost, turnkey program with a full editorial calendar, automated delivery, and high tech measurement and reporting.

Email marketing is a crazy powerful marketing and sales tool. Let me know if you would like to learn more about it.

Thank you to Exact Target for sharing their Channel Preference and State of Marketing reports.

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