We Found a Home at #HomeTok

June 9, 2022


What started out as a more sophisticated iteration of the Vine app – used mostly at its onset for silly dance videos from young social media users – has evolved into a hub for enthusiasts of everything from entertainment news to culinary recommendations to beauty tutorials to home design, décor and discovery. TikTok, a platform where users can share 60-second videos, has been downloaded 200 million times in the US alone and has over 1 billion users, total to-date. It is easily the fastest growing social media outlet in the world, enjoyed by users of all ages.

As experts in both social media and all things home-related, Draper DNA has found a fascination in what has been dubbed #HomeTok – the TikTok home (no pun intended) to thousands and thousands of home interior design ideas, DIY remodeling tips, “before and after” transformation videos and masterclasses on décor and discovery.

We aren’t the only ones. Danielle Nagel, founder of Dani Dazey L.A. gained 129,000 followers and a million and a half likes on the app in less than just one year. Impressive on its own, but what is more impressive is that because of her TikTok content, HGTV producers found her and she has just wrapped the first season of her new renovations show called Trixie Motel.

In this Vice video, you can see more examples of how the #HomeTok community shares digestible content for inspiration, instructions and insights specific to what all-things-home enthusiasts are looking for. Daren explores TikTok’s in this category that offer a DIY transformation of a bus into a home, examples of what “living off the grid” looks like and an overall apartment re-construct just to name a few.

In a recent Sunset Magazine profile, Christine Lennon did a deep dive into the #HomeTok phenomenon and shares six key takeaways she discovered after scouring the hashtag.

First, “more is more is more” according to her findings. From the looks of it, minimalistic is out, Jonathan Adler-style pop-maximalism is (back) in. “Layered, colorful, vintage-heavy décor, packed with mod influences from the ‘60s, ‘70s art and ‘80s color palettes of pastels and neon brights” are trending. And rightfully so, in our opinion — Boho chic is back. Think Hicksville (Joshua Tree location) meets Sedona.



Lennon’s second observation of a trending share is that paint changes everything. We’ve seen this to be true as we read home and building trades, consumer publications and binge-watch HGTV shows. In fact, the June issue of HGTV Magazine was its “paint issue” so it’s no surprise that TikTok’ers are showing off their repurposed furniture, decorated walls and ceilings and ‘anything goes’ style updates.

The third trend noted was made conversation-worthy when it became a centerpiece of celebrity home tours (courtesy of 73 Questions with Vogue and Architectural Digests Home Features, among others) and it is a couch from the Cloud Collection of Restoration Hardware, unironically called the “Cloud Couch”. The Cloud Couch is a down-filled white sectional sofa with a price tag ranging from $5,000 – $10,000. Since most people don’t care to spend that kind of money on a couch, #HomeTok users are sharing videos of more affordable solutions. Smart.




Similar to wanting a more affordable option to the Cloud Couch, the fourth observation was the amount of content dedicated to Feng Shui. While this is not a new concept, it is resurfacing in a different manner – one for occupants of smaller spaces like micro-apartments and tiny urban spaces. She recalls these videos reminding her of furniture being moved around like board game pieces, making it simple to follow in just a sixty second video.

Taking a concept that most dread – cleaning the home – and making it fun by changing its name is the fifth popular post topic Miss Lennon shares in her piece, when she writes about a post that has been viewed over 2 million times. In this video, QVC star Farah Merhi reframes cleaning her home into “refreshing” her home and viewers are hooked. When a refresh includes fluffy pillows and bright flowers, it’s hard not to want to jump on trend.

Finally, it comes as no surprise that design queens reign by sharing unique, engaging content suitable for anyone interested in #HomeTok conversation. Be it that you live in an expensive neighborhood in sunny Los Angeles, or a ranch in quiet Montana, there is something for everyone – a design designed for any design style, if you will.

While we continue our own exploration into #HomeTok we’d love to hear more about what kind of TikTok content you’ve found yourself glued to – because we know from experience how many hours can be spent in one TikTok sitting! Share with us @DraperDNA on all social media platforms.



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