The Dream At-Home Gym

April 26, 2021


Finding the good in every situation isn’t always an easy thing to do, but as most inspirational Instagram posts say, it’s important. With that, while being forced to stay at home for the last year has been rough for us all, it has also brought virtual workouts into the home and for me, that is the good in this pandemic situation. As this trend continues to grow, and more has become available, I started to think about what the dream at-home gym would be for me if one, I could afford it and two, I had a separate room to build it. My Peloton bicycle is currently in the kitchen of my one-bedroom apartment.



If I could create the dream personal home gym, I would obviously keep my Peloton. That has been a lifesaver while not being able to go to actual cycling classes. Peloton also offers treadmill classes, running classes, yoga classes and meditation classes among other activities so it’s everything you could need in one app to stay active. To take full advantage of all of those classes, I would love to add the Peloton treadmill to my workout equipment collection. While I love the cycling options on the Peloton, my first fitness love is SoulCycle who is also offering digital classes through Equinox+ and Variis so I have access to those as well. The issue is that I have to take the classes from my phone or iPad, while on the Peloton bike which isn’t ideal. So, in my dream gym, I would also add this unreal Panasonic big screen smart TV to stream SoulCycle and other virtual classes through.

To continue to take Barry’s classes online, I would need to add a free weight stand. My weights are currently sitting on… you guessed it… my kitchen floor next to the bike. I have a yoga mat that I love, but it would be cool to have a variety of colors to choose from, like the photo below. We’re going with “dream big” here, so a mat for every mood is where I’m going. Working out because you’re frustrated? Go with the black mat. Had a great day? Let’s use the yellow one. It just works. In terms of storing other equipment, there would be a space for things like yoga blocks, a jump rope and bands to be kept. I am thinking something like this.



Sara and Erin Foster are two of the funniest people I know and they partnered with The Mirror so in learning that, I looked into it and am dying to own one. Naturally, that would be a part of the dream at-home gym. I’ve never actually taken a Mirror class but as someone who doesn’t pass up the opportunity for a mirror selfie, I know we’ll be a perfect match. Tonal is a similar concept, but honestly, I trust the Foster sisters too much to stray.



It’s important to recover and stretch after HIIT or intense cardio, so I’d need an area dedicated to using the vibrating foam roller I got for Christmas (yes, it’s a real thing and yes, you need to try it) as well as a ballet bar. In my recovery area I’d also create a mini kitchen with a small fridge to store water and Celcius, and a sink with space for my nine-step Paula’s Choice routine after working out. Getting older is tough.

To finish this amazing home space, I would need to put some artwork on the wall. To be honest, I’ll leave that part up to my mom. She has a much better eye.

If there were one room in your dream home that you could have whatever you wanted in, what would you choose to put there? I’d love to know. Feel free to reach out to me at

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