June 12, 2023

Periodically, we ask our creative partners, AKA the Knights of the Roundtable, to share a few recommendations based on their experience. Today, Paulo Simoes, our video producer, offers you his thoughts on when you are ready for professional videos.

In the past 8 years my creative team and I have had the incredible privilege of serving over 200 clients.  During this time, we created over 1,800 results-driven business and corporate videos based on various needs and goals.

So, you might be asking yourself:  What did these clients have in common?  What common goals or needs did they have?  Simply put, they shared 5 common “signs”.  And if you can relate to any of my clients, you might be ready for professional video as well.  So here are the 5 SIGNS YOU’RE READY FOR PROFESSIONAL VIDEO:

#5 – Are you concerned with your competition?


Your company has been in the game for quite some time, and maybe competition has never been a concern of yours.  But hold up! The market is constantly shifting, and competition is catching up.  Now your company needs to adapt to stay ahead.  You’re realizing that you need to stand out amidst the fierce competition and professional videos can be your secret weapon to make an unforgettable impression.

#4 – Is your company going through a rebranding phase?


Picture this: you’ve recently updated your website, changed your logo, or experienced some major shake-ups in senior leadership. But there’s more you need to change…  You need to revamp your message and let current clients and prospects know your new strategies and positioning (aside from your new “look”).  It’s time to embrace the power of video to make an impactful comeback…

#3 – Are you launching a new product or service?


Congratulations on your innovation!  But here’s the new challenge:  how will you let your prospecting clients and customers know what makes your product/service unique?  No tool allows you to demonstrate your product or service, immersing potential customers in an unforgettable user experience.  Whether you decide to use a product demo or a customer testimonial, video gives you a variety of powerful options to communicate the uniqueness and value of your offer.

#2 – Feeling frustrated with the lack of engagement with your target audience?


There’s a lot of noise in social media.  Consumers are confused and distracted.  You don’t see the usual engagement you once were able to generate.  Perhaps your message has become too technical and, let’s be honest, a bit dull? People are craving something more engaging than plain text or static images. Consumers and especially the younger generations rather watch a snappy video that brings your content to life.  And you know that video is the captivating solution you’ve been searching for!

 And now, here’s the ultimate #1 sign that you are positively, absolutely ready for professional video:


Does your company yearn for a more professional and polished presentation? Your company may be the absolute #1 option for clients in your industry.  Your products or services may be impeccable!  But here’s the truth:  The best products don’t always win.  The best stories always win.  How many times have you seen mediocre products with creative marketing ideas dominate their respective industries?   You’re craving that extra touch of professionalism and sophistication to blow your competitors out of the water. And a well-polished, professional video with a personal and engaging message may just be your ticket to success…

If you find yourself nodding along and connecting with at least three of these signs, then here’s my educated guess: you and your company are primed and ready for the incredible world of professional video production!

About the author:

Paulo Simoes is a passionate visual storytelling professional with over 25 years of experience.  He is a former Sony Pictures Executive and has led marketing teams in the creation and launching of over 400 film marketing campaigns.  He is also the founder of Brios Media (a video production company), the creator of B2B Storyboarding Method and the creator of the “How to Create Videos that Attract, Engage and Convert” video course.

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