2022 Highs and Lows

December 23, 2022

My friend Rich Melheim introduced our family to sharing our highs and lows during the holidays. We have been sharing for more than thirty years. We are doing the same thing for Draper DNA each year. As this year quickly comes to a close, we have reflected on the year and outlined our businesses highs and lows for 2022. We decided to share them with you in this blog post. We hope you appreciate our sharing this with you.

Highs: Teammates


+ We are privileged to work with the most experienced team in the home and building marketplace. The unique insights and voice of Ashlie, Chad, Josh, Kathy, Rick, and team throughout the year demonstrate, time and again, the absolute power of their individual and collective experience. Our teammates are the difference for the clients.

Our Work


+ Delivering increasingly better results across social media platforms for the sixth year in a row for Armstrong Ceilings.

+ Supporting a highly successful new product launch for DaVinci Roofscapes and creating a one-of-a-kind contractor loyalty program for the new year.

+ Making fuel containers (AKA gas cans) sexy to new audiences through promotional like Fuel Safety Month and Turf Pros Week.

+ The numerous research, strategy, creative, social media, public relations, and business development challenges we were given to solve are invigorating. The success created is empowering. The desire to take on more challenges is even greater if that is possible.

Our Experience


+ From this first day, Draper DNA has chosen to work with the most experienced in the industry. Every team member has twenty-plus years of experience with their special skills. There are no rookies, or tenderfoots or beginners building their careers at the expense of the clients. Experience is our superpower. It allows us to create and innovate with little or no risk. We simply have experience with using risk and innovation in the right place, at the right time, for the best results.

The power of experience is never more apparent than when our clients relied on us to help them navigate two years of a pandemic. They will see the power of our experience when we have the next recession. Draper NDA is the team of choice for taking on your challenges and persevering.

The Lows: Fear


– We witness so much fear, mostly of the unknown. Most of the fear is tied to someone else’s forecast of the future. Are we heading into a recession? Is the decline in the housing market to average annual starts levels the next Armageddon? Fear creates worry and our experience tells us worry is simply wasted imagination. Fear by others may be an opportunity for you.



– Just because someone carries it well, doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy. When you do something well, it may look easy. When in fact, it has taken unicorn level talent to accomplish it. This is a difficult thing for a group of talented people who have worked diligently as a partner with your client who decides they can produce the same results inhouse. I suspect one can look at this as a compliment, though it feels disrespectful. Unfortunately, this happens, and it often leads to the work and the results being replaced with the latest shiny penny.



– Apathy is something we see every year. The “if it is not broken don’t fix it” strategy can be frustrating when opportunity is sitting right next to you. Working with manufacturers that may not interact with the end user customers are susceptible to apathy. Getting closer to the customer is an opportunity and an answer to many challenges. Having a vision of the possibility for our clients and prospects is one of our strengths. The ability to make that happen is another.

Looking Back Just Once


We prefer to look forward. Enjoying each day as it unfolds. Creating and pursuing a vision for what the future holds. Looking is typically fun, often informative, and occasionally difficult. This is why we focus on the experiences we gained and prepare to apply them to the opportunities and challenges ahead. We are excited for all the new year will bring.

Happy New Year everyone!



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