I Am a Marketer’s Dream

September 20, 2021


In a marketer’s dream world, the brands they represent have a large following of loyal customers. It’s called “brand loyalty” and it essentially means that a consumer wants to come back for multiple purchases, engagements and experiences even if there are other options that may offer lower prices or exciting incentives. This being said, I am a marketer’s dream. When I am introduced to a product or service that I connect with, I am all in. For life. And it will be known. Even if we’ve never actually met, I am almost certain you can name at least one brand that I am emphatically loyal to.

When asked, “why?” it’s easy to answer. There are three key components to a brand that intrigue me, inspire me, and keep me coming back for more.

The Mission of the Company


The first is the mission of the company. What they stand for and how they loudly and proudly share that is imperative to my relationship with the brand. Be it giving back to those in need, promoting a healthy lifestyle, supporting an important cause or being people-driven, if I relate to their core values, it’s easy to remain a customer. Several of the companies that I am passionate about are dedicated to “community” meaning that they strive to ensure all are welcome, all are cared for and encourage clients and customers to create an organic relationship with other loyalists.

Leaves Me Feeling Positive


Next, it is important that the brand leaves me feeling positively after every experience. Be it on a cross-country flight with my preferred airline, the way my skin feels after using my favorite face mask or the endorphins that are flowing after one of my beloved workouts. If I feel better after interacting with the brand or its product, I will likely become a loyalist. Let’s be honest, I will become a loyalist. Again, I’m a marketer’s dream.

Reciprocated Loyalty


The third component is reciprocated loyalty between me – the consumer – and the brand and its representatives. All of my favorite companies are incredibly kind to me and consistently generous with their products and services. To cast a wider net that inspires reciprocated loyalty, brands can create desirable reward and loyalty programs. Starbucks offers bonus star opportunities to its gold card customers, Southwest offers travel companion discounts to its frequent flyers, Peloton sends rewards to clients when they hit fitness milestones – there are endless examples of impressive ways brands reciprocate loyalty.

It Works Both Ways


As a tenured marketing professional, I have the unique opportunity to also develop brand loyalty with my clients and the same three components apply to these relationships. It’s been several years since I represented Kwikset and I can still recite their “smart, simple, safe” messaging and why it’s important that consumers know their commitment to keeping homes and families safe from near or far. I believe their mission and know that it is, in fact, what the company stands for, making it easy for me to share my loyalty. I also know the team that created this messaging and trust them to maintain its meaning.

In terms of feeling positively after every experience, my client contact for many years was generous in her gratitude for the work that was being done. I can also speak to the testaments made by media members I worked with to promote the brand and its products. Both trade and consumer outlets touted positive interactions with Kwikset, specifically following trade shows, media events, and product testing opportunities.

Reciprocated loyalty with clients can be tough, but it’s invaluable as a professional to make it happen. With Kwikset, I am fortunate to still have a loyal relationship with the woman who was my client contact for several years. Even now, almost a decade after working together, she and I are still in touch. We are connected on social media and actively engage with one another, we grab cocktails at trade shows and still talk about our shared interest in The Bachelor franchise. I also remain loyal to Kwikset and its products. In fact, I can pick out a Kwikset product from a mile away and I can still tell you everything you need to know about each piece of hardware and technology.

Despite what some may say, brand loyalty is a real thing and creating a platform that is desirable to consumers will always be advantageous for a brand. Keeping clients loyal is an easy way to grow your business with a little special effort.

Are there certain brands you are loyal to? Tell us why by shooting a note to Abby at abby@draperdna.com.



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